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Ladykin MangChee Replenishing Cream – Review

20141123_163144I have been taking small steps on my journey into the Korean skincare world. I don’t usually rush into buying and prefer to spend some time reading what experiences bloggers have shared webwide before deciding to order a product. In the case of my approach to Memebox this has meant reading a lot of unboxing reviews as well as watching a few videos of the same kind.

My first Memebox product came from the Memebox Global Shop and it is the LadyKin MangChee Replenishing cream. It was a real deal as it was offered with free shipping and at a reduced price of $16. I actually only paid $8 for it as I used the 8 point credit of my Memebox account.

To my great surprise the postman actually brought two parcels, each of which had one of these creams inside it. The only explanation I could think of was that I had also won one of the creams in the “Write a review & Enter to Win” events on the Memebox website. Of course, I would have loved it, if instead of two jars of the same cream I had won something else – I have been a regular participant in the “Write a review & Enter to Win” events – still, there is more reason to be glad and grateful than grumble.

20141123_163215The reason I picked the Mangchee cream was mainly because I was very curious about one of its defining ingredients – Quark cheese which, according to the description on the Memebox site, provides “spectacular lifting effects in all areas of your face”. I had already read a lot about another much advertised cheese cream – the Dear by Enprani Bouncy Cheese Cream – and was very curious to try a product of this kind.

20141123_163249Product description: On the Memebox Global Shop page this cream is described as a “youth-saving miracle worker” which achieves its aims through such ingredients as adenosine, quark cheese, vitamin A and Beta carotene, both derived from the mango fruit, vitamin E and Camellia Sinesis leaf extract. This combination is claimed to moisturize and lift the skin at the same time working to counter hyper-pigmentation and acne. I would have liked to see an ingredient list in English to be able to see where each of these ingredients comes and to know how much to really expect of the cream in terms of performance. If anybody can give a help hand with the translation of the list I would be more than grateful.
The description of this cream on www.yesstyle.com gives this other useful bit of information saying that the cream is free of parabens, Synthetic pigments, benzophenone and animal ingredients.

My experience:
The cream comes in a jar with a spatula. It has a very faint fruity scent which to me is delightful and adds to the feeling of luxury the cream gives upon application. The texture is light and soufflé like (maybe a little heavier) and I absolutely love it. The cream sinks pretty fast into the skin leaving it feeling hydrated and plumped up. On my skin it does not leave any dewy film.

20141123_163328 20141123_163521

I’ve been using it for a week already and tried it as both part of my evening and morning skincare routine to check where it fits better. My skin being very dry, I find that in the evening I need to put on a sleeping pack if I’m using this cream and want to give my skin all the moisture it needs for the night.

The cream is still on offer on the Memebox Global Shop site at the reduced price of $16 and with free shipping.