My Korean Skin Care Blog and How it Came to Be

My curiousity about the Korean skincare routine and the  products it involves was sparkled almost accidentally, in a conversation with my sister who, among the many memories she shared from a trip to South Korea, mentioned how well cared for the skin of Korean girls and women looked. That made me want to probe deeper in the area and maybe give some Korean cosmetic products a try.
A quick search on the Internet confirmed my suspicion that no Korean cosmetics could be bought from shops in my country.

I was far luckier however in finding good introductory guides to the Korean skincare routine. My first find was a blog  which is now rarely updated but still can be seen as one of the most comprehenisve resources for beginners. Hope in a Blog was where I first found about the two major South Korean cosmetics corporations – Amore Pacific and LG – each producing their broad, high-end to low-end, spectrums of cosmetic brands. Hope in a Blogwww.joseibi.comsulwhasoo-sulwhasoo.blogspot.com and a little later, Kevin Jang’s blog became my first go to resources – bookmarked and carefully consulted.

My first tentative purchase were sample bunches – Sulwhasoo, Su:M37, The History of Whoo – from different ebay sellers. My trial-and-test experience with these has been only positive – maybe because I’ve always carefully chosen products that would suit my skin’s needs.

With time my familiarity with the active K-beauty blogosphere expanded considerably and I have now a new bunch of favourites added to the eary one and that includes the knowledgeable and sparklingly witty sample hime girl, Kerry from the skinandtonics blog (her posts always sound the most comprehensive as she makes an effort to include links to studies on the properties of various of the cosmetic products ingredients), Sheryll from the wanderlustproject and thebeautywolf. My choice of what product to try next is heavily swayed by these people…and by the Memebox team. I simply couldn’t skip mentioning the latter. With their boxes of choice products and the global memeshop, as well as with all the sales, free shipping and other temtping events they hold all the time, they have won wide popularity among Korean-skin-care enthusiasts worldwide.

With all these bloggers around and with all the others I did not mention but I nevertheless read you might be asking yourself: Why the new blog then? Hasn’t the field become densely populated already? My answer to the second question is: No, in my opinion, it has not and I know this from experience. There have been times when I’ve looked for reviews of products offered by online shops and ebay sellers and have not found any. So I think it is useful to have more bloggers sharing their bits of experience and helping get more Korean skincare products out of the shadows of  obscurity.

I also think, though it may be my very limited experience personal impression, that most of the content published on Korean cosmetics comes from and concerns mainly women whose age ranges from early 20s to late 30s at the most. Women in their forties and more are thus underrepresented and so are the products that target the concerns of a more mature skin. Being a representative of this group I think I will be helping to fill in an otherwise wide knowledge and experience gap.

Finally, I see this blog as offering me a space to withdraw to and unwind in those moments when I have the time for it.

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