PURITO Snail Clearing BB Cream SPF38/P+++

The PURITO BB cream is the second of the two PURITO products I received from eopenmarket.com for the purpose of trying and reviewing of them. The eopenmarket team was so generous as to actually send me two 30ml tubes of the cream.


I have to say that I have a minimal experience with South Korean bb creams. So far I have tried only a few of them and have done so tentatively, that is, I’ve tested samples of Lioele Triple Solution BB Cream, Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB Cream and Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream #21 and only recently went for a full-size version of the Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream in #23. To this Ican add my experience last summer with the Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion compeact which uses a BB formulation but which turned out to be far from hydrating for my skin. I passed the cushion on to a much younger person who was really happy with what it did for her skin.

So with the experience of a near novice and the curiosity of one too, I was really glad to get the chance to try the Purito BB Cream.

The limited colour range of most Korean bb creams is widely known and widely lamented and the case with this cream is no different – it comes in a single shade.


From left to right: 1. PURITO Snail Clearing bb cream, 2. Missha Signature Real Complete bb cream # 23, 3. Missha Signature Real Complete bb cream #21



What the product claims to do:

The formulation is promoted as a 3-effect functional beblesh balm which provides skin with both UV A and B and with Adenosine and Niacinamide – two anti-ageing cell communicating agents that help protect skin from darkening and work towards evening out and clarifying skin tone and decreasing signs of aging.

Other star functional ingredients in the cream are: Snal Extract, Biosaccharide Gum-4, Agave Americana Leaf Extract and Pancratium MArtimum Extract – a combination that is supposed to provide skin with rich moisture and nutrition for improved skin health.

The ingredient list also features Titanium Dioxide, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate – two of the product’s sunscreen agent – second, after water and a little later comes another one – Zinc Oxide.


The Cosdna analysis of the full ingredient list shows no big red alerts. There is just Butylene Glycol and Zinc Oxide which are marked as potential acne triggers. During my two weeks of daily use of this product I have not experienced any irritation on other skin issues. The cream has been quite well behaved and I’ve come to see it as a really good daily bb cream.

Product Performance:

I’ve been wearing this product every day in the past two weeks and I have to say that while it does create a slightly paler cast on my face upon application, the product then seems to adapt to my skin tone. The cream spreads easily on skin and the coverage it gives is light to medium which I find ok for daily use.

What I love about this cream is the degree of moisture it gives to my skin not just upon application but for hours afterwards. I do find it to be very moisturising and so appropriate for very dry skin.

IMAG0221 - Копие


On the whole I find this cream to be a great choice for daily use purposes. It is an added bonus that it is obtainable at a fairly affordable price.  Right now it can be purchased for $9.06 on eopenmarket.com.


PURITO Snail All In One BB cleanser

I got the PURITO Snail BB cleanser as part of a bundle of products that eopenmarket.com sent for me for review. The PURITO brand, I was told is a new one, recently launched on the market of K-beauty products. The cleanser came together with two tubes of BB cream and a generous selection of samples.

eopenmarket Purito bundle

eopenmarket Purito bundle

The cleanser comes in a 250 ml plastic bottle with a dispensing pump which makes it easy to use. I find that a single pump is enough for one use.


The claims this product makes: It is as a cleanser which combines the two steps that make up a double cleansing routine: oil cleanser and foaming or any other type of cleanser that can follow it.

The ingredients:

The cleanser features snail secretion filtrate relatively high on its ingredient list (5th). While I am not sure much benefit is to be made from any great ingredient in a product that stays in contact with the skin for a very short time and is then washed away, it feels kind of reassuring to see the little hero of  k-beauty products, snail-trailing its path through this product as well.

Betaine which the product description says is a natural moisturizing agent extracted from sugar beet and providing skin with elasticity and lustre.

Abunch of extracts, credited with skin soothing, moisturizing, elasticity boosting properties: Camelia Sinesis Leaf Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Ginko Biloba Leaf Extract, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Extract.

The product is a 10-free formulation and the description lists the potential irritants missing from the cleanser as: parabens, mineral oils, paraffin, colorants, ethanol, triethanolamine, benzophenone, phthalates, formaldehyde, BHT.


I ran the ingredient list through COSDNA and two of the ingredients Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate surfaced as potential acne triggers. I checked these on Paula Begoun’s site too and the first one – Sodium Laureth Sulfate – she lists among the GOOD cleansing agents. I don’t have acne issues and this cleanser has so far worked really well for me but I thought I should give the warning sign. Here is a link to the cosdna analysis page of the product 
I also checked some of the ingredents cosdna alerted about on paula’s choice site and for instance, she says that methylisothiazolinone should be avoided in leave-on products but since this is a cleanser, I think it should be safe to use.  Plus – this ingredient is right at the bottom of the ingredient list.

Product Performance:

The cleanser itself is of a pure gel-type consistence. It has a very refreshing green smell which I like a lot. The instruction on the box says to apply this on a dry face, wait a couple of minutes, massage, then – rinse with water. I tried both this way of using it as well as my regular way with foaming cleansers where I use it after a few splashes of water on my face. The lather produced at contact with water and massaging is really quite thin – something I’ve learned to like. In my opinion the cleanser does live up to its promise as a product that combines the two steps of double cleansing. A couple of times I swiped my face with a cleansing toner after using the Purito gel and there was no trace of residual makeup on the cotton ds



One very good thing about this cleanser is that it has a neutral PH 5.5 which makes it perfect for my skincare routine. Since I started reading up on skin care I’ve learned that a ph of 5.5 – 6 is the limit for a cleanser not to be too harsh on the skin. I usually follow cleansing with an AHA treatment, or a vitamin C serum, or a retinol treatment so I make sure my skin has the reight ph to allow for these products optimal performance. I also love the fact that the peoduct description explicitly states what the ph of the cleanser is. I have not yet reached the point of committment where I buy ph measuring strips to check products myself so I’m really thankful when a manufacturer adds this important information to product descritions.

Conclusion: I have to say I have been very happy with the performance of this product. It works very well as a cleanser and it has not caused any irritation on my skin. Would I purchase this product after finishing this bottle. It is highly likely that I do. Not only I but my daughter has also been very satisfied with it.

Where can you buy this cleanser: eopenmarket.com offers this, as well as other PURITO products, on its website. Right now the PURITO Snail All In One BB cleanser can be purchased at the reduced price of $12.80

Disclaimer: I did not pay for this product. It was generously offered to me for review by eopenmarket but the fact has by no means influenced my approach to reviewing and I have tried to remain as objective as possible in my response.





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INNISFREE Second Skin Mask Lift-up

The Innisree Second Skin Mask Lift-up is one of the five Innisfree masks from the brand’s Second Skin range of sheet masks. The other 4 masks are: 1.Anti-trouble, 2.Brightening, 3.Moisture and 4.Nourishing.  I won this mask as part of a giveaway hosted by the lovely Cassandra, author of the Crazy Beautfil blog , sometime in mid-October. Included in the giveaway were the Innisfree Cleansing Foam (full size) which I tried but then gave to my teenage daughter as it suits her skin needs better; two Innisfree Second Skin masks – the Moisture  and the Lift-up version; two 4ml samples of the much raved about  Innisfree Jeju volcanic pore clay mask.



I only reached for the Lift-up mask today as I feel the coolness given by sheet masks is something to seek in summer only. My curiousity got the better of me so I opened the pack after having made sure it had stayed for about half an hour in horizontal position to make sure the serum got evenly spread on the tissue. Taking the mask out I also sligtly pressed it to make some of the serum stay in the pack – I don’t like the feeling of the mask dripping from my face but I’ve also found out that whenever I’ve used a sheet mask a lot of the serum stays on it or does not get absorbed into my skin even if I’ve left it for more than half an hour on my face. Honestly, I don’t think a 20ml amount of serum is going to sink into the skin at one go.


The pictures on the back of the pack are quite detailed so even though the text is not English it’s hard to misinterpret the instructions on the manner of application.


The sheet mask comes placed between two very thin nets the purpose of which I cannot guess. There may be an explanatory note on the pack but since it’s not in English I cannot read it. To put the mask on you have to first peel one of the nets, place the mask on your face – the thin membrane it actually is fits completely, indeed like a second skin – and then peel the other net layer.


The two netted layers between which the mask is placed


The feeling of having this mask on is one of immediate cooling of the skin. I think it was at that moment that I realised what the -5 C printed on the package meant , namely that it makes the surface skin temperature drop by 5 C. I have not yet found out if that is indeed what happen or if it’s just a feeling of coolness caused by the mask’s ingredients. I was actually able to find those and have copied them off the official Innisfree site 


My overall impression from this mask: well, I loved the effect this had on my skin. It left my skin feeling very hydrated and yes, it plumped it up so well it did feel like the mask has a lifting effect. The latter is of course temporary but it would be unrealistic to expect anything more from a single use.
All in all, I’ve found this a wonderful mask and I would buy more of these. I am aware thatthe presence of alcohol in the mask may put some people off it but I have had no issues with alcohol in cosmetics so far.


May not be the most appealing picture but shows how well the thin mask membrane sticks to the skin.


Finally, I am sharing a picture of the little 7ml jar left from some cosmetic sample in which I have stored the remaining mask serum. I love it, for not leaving any sticky feeling on use, it has fitds in neatly with my skinscare routine


The Innisfree Secon Skin Lift-up Mask can be ordered for $5 on the Innisfree site

Ladykin MangChee Replenishing Cream – Review

20141123_163144I have been taking small steps on my journey into the Korean skincare world. I don’t usually rush into buying and prefer to spend some time reading what experiences bloggers have shared webwide before deciding to order a product. In the case of my approach to Memebox this has meant reading a lot of unboxing reviews as well as watching a few videos of the same kind.

My first Memebox product came from the Memebox Global Shop and it is the LadyKin MangChee Replenishing cream. It was a real deal as it was offered with free shipping and at a reduced price of $16. I actually only paid $8 for it as I used the 8 point credit of my Memebox account.

To my great surprise the postman actually brought two parcels, each of which had one of these creams inside it. The only explanation I could think of was that I had also won one of the creams in the “Write a review & Enter to Win” events on the Memebox website. Of course, I would have loved it, if instead of two jars of the same cream I had won something else – I have been a regular participant in the “Write a review & Enter to Win” events – still, there is more reason to be glad and grateful than grumble.

20141123_163215The reason I picked the Mangchee cream was mainly because I was very curious about one of its defining ingredients – Quark cheese which, according to the description on the Memebox site, provides “spectacular lifting effects in all areas of your face”. I had already read a lot about another much advertised cheese cream – the Dear by Enprani Bouncy Cheese Cream – and was very curious to try a product of this kind.

20141123_163249Product description: On the Memebox Global Shop page this cream is described as a “youth-saving miracle worker” which achieves its aims through such ingredients as adenosine, quark cheese, vitamin A and Beta carotene, both derived from the mango fruit, vitamin E and Camellia Sinesis leaf extract. This combination is claimed to moisturize and lift the skin at the same time working to counter hyper-pigmentation and acne. I would have liked to see an ingredient list in English to be able to see where each of these ingredients comes and to know how much to really expect of the cream in terms of performance. If anybody can give a help hand with the translation of the list I would be more than grateful.
The description of this cream on www.yesstyle.com gives this other useful bit of information saying that the cream is free of parabens, Synthetic pigments, benzophenone and animal ingredients.

My experience:
The cream comes in a jar with a spatula. It has a very faint fruity scent which to me is delightful and adds to the feeling of luxury the cream gives upon application. The texture is light and soufflé like (maybe a little heavier) and I absolutely love it. The cream sinks pretty fast into the skin leaving it feeling hydrated and plumped up. On my skin it does not leave any dewy film.

20141123_163328 20141123_163521

I’ve been using it for a week already and tried it as both part of my evening and morning skincare routine to check where it fits better. My skin being very dry, I find that in the evening I need to put on a sleeping pack if I’m using this cream and want to give my skin all the moisture it needs for the night.

The cream is still on offer on the Memebox Global Shop site at the reduced price of $16 and with free shipping.